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    Ashley Graham Added July 18, 2018
    Excellent removalist use these guys for your next move. They make a difficult job easy.
    Review of Capital Removal Canberra
    Jennt Added July 18, 2018
    They never answer there phone when on their menu says they are open until 9.00pm and you get their answering machine that says they are open - go to t...
    Review of Main Street Pizza and Pasta
    Mary Douglas Added July 18, 2018
    I have never, in my entire life been spoken to by a sales assistant like I was at this establishment today.  The rudest person - will never return....
    Review of Wash 'n' Cars
    jackie Cusack Added July 18, 2018
    Family Fun My wife and I had been searching for a family farm stay and found this gem. Morvern Valley Farm has tractors, horses, mini cows and you ge...
    Review of Morvern Valley Farm Cottages
    Yalda Added July 18, 2018
    The staff is very bored and it's difficult to answer our questions. My husband and I wanted to get plan with Optus, but we regretted and we went to an...
    Review of Yes Optus Eastland
    belinda scerri Added July 18, 2018
    THese people are fraudulent. Via their ebay shop I ordered two bedside tables in October last year. I have repeatedly contacted them and they kept ...
    Review of Indus Valley

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