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    Nadine Jal Added October 20, 2018
    Very rude employees
    Review of Maxi Care Eyebrows
    Gordon Casey Added October 20, 2018
    Great service
    Review of Cairns Computer Support
    Melinda Added October 20, 2018
    Best fish and chips in town. Friendly staff. Highly recommend
    Review of Londy's Takeaway
    Dib Wak Added October 20, 2018
    Came in to get a battery for my car, ended up getting a set of mags aswell the customer service was brilliant! Installed the battery for me and the on...
    Review of CAR REMOVALS
    Jim Moore Added October 20, 2018
    The most average pizza ever. All the ingredients were there and the pastry seemed ok but it was bland and boring.
    Review of Mamma Rosa's Pizzas
    Rachael Channells Added October 20, 2018
    Good food. They have improved a lot since I first ate there. Food is less greasy and inside is less humid now.
    Review of Golden Paradise Restaurant

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