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    Cornelia Schwabe Added July 29, 2021
    The new owner at Dot and Birdie is lovely! Staff are super friendly, professional and capable. The attention to detail and that extra care really help...
    Review of Dot & Birdie
    Fahriar Ahmed Added July 29, 2021
    Fantastic wash. Team is friendly and flexible. Price reasonable. Keep the good work team.
    Review of Crown Carwash Cafe Strathfield
    Ethan Schneider Added July 29, 2021
    Great place. Just pop down and have a chat it's as simple as that.
    Review of Yarra Valley Psychology
    Zoe D Added July 29, 2021
    My daughter loves going to her dance lessons at The Dance Academy in Landsborough. The teachers really care for their students and strive to get the b...
    Review of bDifferent Dance Academy
    Lindsay Penman Added July 29, 2021
    If we cycle to La Perouse we usually stop for a coffee here. The owner recognises us from previous visits, as he did again this morning and always gre...
    Review of Driftwood on the bay
    Jenny Allan Added July 29, 2021
    Great range of fabric and other products and friendly and helpful staff. I have bought 2 machines from this store and wouldn't go anywhere else. Highl...
    Review of The Sewing Bug

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