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    Dendy Bluff Added December 19, 2018
    The bald guy was straight up with us and no fuss. Watching how busy they all were and how they treated us was commendable. Professional processes that...
    Review of Beaurepaires South Melbourne
    Milton Kaloudis Added December 18, 2018
    Team Ian & Kaylene are unbeatable. Hard working, committed and disciplined in achieving the very best results for their clients. Extensive experience ...
    Review of Sanders Noonan
    Derryn Chadban Added December 18, 2018
    Great food. Have eaten a few times. Breakfast lunch and dessert. Must say food has been excellent every time. Great egg and bacon rolls. Great smashed...
    Review of The Hood Milk Bar
    TYLER SIBLEY Added December 18, 2018
    The coffee man at Captain's Lounge, i think his name was Sam, was a great young kind boy who helped me get my vegan coffee
    Review of Townsville Airport
    Jagmeet Sandhu Added December 18, 2018
    Wonderful Place. Very laid back .Feels like in lap of mother nature.People are much friendly.
    Review of Michelago Station
    Ray styles Added December 18, 2018
    they worked hard to provide me the best service even to find solutions when their machines were down. Still got my suits back in time for my trip.
    Review of XL Dry Cleaners

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